Cronvo App Reviews

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I can't call

the app doesn't work for me, i can't call anyone or receive any call can u help me pls


Love this app! It’s great to brainstorm and share common interests at any time of the day! Trendy and unique!

Love this app!

I love how easy it is to discuss anything I choose with anyone. What a great app! It’s set up so well and so easy to use. I look forward to my next cronvo!

Creative Idea

Stumbled upon this app by way of a friend who used it. I was apprehensive at first but I'm glad I used it. Drives to and from work take a different turn now. Even downtime throughout the day gives me an opportunity to exchange ideas in a way I didn't think possible. Very personable interface helps with ease of use! Very recommended.

Love this App!!

I love that it helps people connect and talk in a more specific and meaningful way than a lot of other social media platforms out there!


This app get all my homework done it's very hard for me to relate and meet up with people because of my busy schedule having someone that just wants to genuinely help u out the kindness of they heart Is everything

Super Cool!

New to this app but loving it already. I also love that it's anonymous. Cool topics and can't wait to have my first Cronvo call !

Best Social App

Seriously love this app ! Easy to navigate. Every topic you can think of is on there. And if not, feel free to voice your own and chat with someone who has a mutual interest.


I've had intelligent conversations about topics ranging from motherhood to exercise to travel. I love that I can dictate what subjects I want to discuss. It's also nice knowing that other people share my interests or can help answer my questions. Highly recommend.

Love it

I didn't get it until I had my first successful call. This is what social media should feel like.


Awesome for when I start to doze off while I drive and music is just not keeping me awake.


The ability to connect through interest with people you would have never met out in your daily life. The possibilities are infinite. I use this app everyday!

Love this

I love the concept and enjoy it a lot

I like this app

Great idea. Great execution.

Great for long drives

I started using this app during my long drive home from work late at night. I've had quality conversations with nice people and it's helped turn a lonely/tired ride home into something I actually enjoy. Thanks Cronvo!

Great concept

Finally an app that focuses o the human element!

Great connector

Love this adventure of anonymous connection

I was skeptical until I tried it

The ability to have uninhibited random conversations with strangers is awesome! Thanks cronvo

Good concept, great way to fill time not using fb

Have enjoyed the first few experiences on the app.

Cool app

I'm very impressed. This is going to help a lot of people

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